Letter to the Editor: Show some respect for Fletch

I was passing another day’s time on Facebook, when I stumbled on to a group that caught my attention. The group was called “Drop a Deuce on me, Fletch.” I looked though it, and didn’t see anything that would explain the group to me until I read an article attached to this group, and if you haven’t read I suggest you do.

The article basically says that Keith “Fletch” Fletcher was out of line when he made a pep rally speech to Hecht’s Sportsfest team a few weeks ago. I do not believe in any way, shape, or form the Fletch did anything wrong.

I played in Sportsfest for three years under the proud Eaton banner, and when I played I saw faculty members high- five players during a flag football game when another Eaton team’s player was body slammed, there was no outcry for that, but when Fletch says something that people in Stanford don’t like, all hell breaks loose.

The article also made reference to Fletch’s leadership as a joke. Well, as a former member of Student Government, anybody who would question Fletch’s leadership is himself a joke. No one at this university has earned the right to imply that Fletch is a “joke.”

Fletch should not apologize, nor should he be asked to. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Fletch, and its obviously important to me if I, a graduate of UM, am taking time out to write this.

Kris Brooks
Class of ’06