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University to host creative conference in June

The University of Miami’s Caribbean Literary Studies will be hosting the international “Archaeologies of Black Memory” symposium in conjunction with Small Axe: A Journal of Criticism.

The conference is part of a larger project called “Diasporic Knowledges,” and will also visit Brown University and SUNY Albany. Cultural and historical similarities between African American and Caribbean studies will be the center of focus at the event.

The event is scheduled for June 22 to 24. For more information, visit the conference web site at

University Village update: Further delays, lease-price increase expected

Students living in the University Village may be unhappy to hear the latest updates.

The mail office, which administrators promised would be completed soon, is delayed again. Students must still pick up their mail at the UV office in the Apartment Area.

Tara Michelle Irani, UV senator, told the Student Government Senate on Feb. 14 that there is a price increase on all leases. The increase is expected to be at least seven percent.

Lease prices on the four by four apartments are also expected to change.


Google to open Gmail to the public

Nathan Trifone // The daily reveille (lsu)

(U-WIRE) BATON ROUGE, La. – Internet giant Google Inc. announced last week that it will no longer require users of its popular free e-mail service to be invited to join the network.

Google removed the “invitation only” restriction on Gmail service in parts of the world where the company previously enforced the limitations. The invitation-only restriction has been lifted in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Brazil and will be removed in North America, Asia and most of South America in the near future.

Gmail, which will celebrate its three-year anniversary April 1, offers 2.8 gigabytes of free storage for each account-enough to fill 1.4 million pages. Google will have an option for members to purchase more storage, but company officials said the price has yet to be determined.

“It’s a pretty momentous time for Gmail,” Keith Coleman, Google’s product manager for the service, told the Associated Press,

Despite the changes to features during the last several months, the price of Google stock fell below $500 per share to under $460 and is currently above $470.

Google officials said Gmail is keeping its “beta status” because the company still considers it a work in progress.


‘Cane Records is holding an open call audition for UM talent. Any singer, songwriter or band is encouraged to participate. The audition will be held at the Greene Recital Hall on Thursday, March 1 from 8 to 10 p.m.