An open letter to Al Gore

An open letter to Al Gore

Dear Mr. Vice-President:

It has been six long years since your leadership helped bring about the biggest economic expansion in our history, and America was looked up to as a powerful force for peace in the world. I am just an average citizen who is trying to get this message to you: please run for President. Ironically, your 2000 run was hindered by an apathetic public blinded by the ease of the times.

Too many Americans were complacent, made so in part by the peaceful and prosperous era that the Clinton-Gore team delivered with smart, responsive government which led to serve. You ran with class and won at least a majority of votes, but rabid ideologues leveraged control of our government and have abused it arrogantly, self-servingly and with horrible results. You handled the Supreme Court’s dark decision like a world class man of honor, and then went about the business of trying to preserve our planet for humanity; this is now undeniably evident and publicly recognized.

I am justifiably leery of men who quest for power. But your actions demonstrate qualities all too rare in our political leaders: character, depth, intelligence, leadership, humility, sacrifice, vision, and perseverance. The announced candidates are admirable people and fine public servants, but the job they are vying for is the one for which you are supremely qualified.

And frankly, the country and indeed the world need you. More precisely, the world needs the United States of America to be led by someone with your traits, talents, values, integrity, experience, insight and drive. This letter serves to amplify this call to duty. I know that it is much too easy to request your candidacy, given the extreme pressure and demands of running. But please know I am not making this plea lightly. I have two beautiful daughters who are nearing the stage where they will be bringing their children into this world, and so I am doing what I can to help shape the condition of the world my future grandchildren will inherit. It just so happens our paths cross here.

I have always followed politics, but until December of 2000, like too many others, I did so from the sidelines. Unfortunately, I got back from my government what I put into it, if not worse. 2008 is about as different from 2000 as we could have ever imagined. After what this current regime has wrought, there are millions more, like me, who are motivated to work hard for your victory and a vast improvement in our leadership and direction of our country.

Your record of achievement and experience outshines the other Democratic candidates, and the Republican leaders have shown what they are all about in these past six years, as the 2006 election revealed. And you have demonstrated your true colors as well, with your handling of the 2000 election result, your global leadership, epic documentary, and Nobel Peace Prize nomination. Everyone loves a good comeback story, especially when there are people in need or the entire town needs saving, or, as in this case, a country and planet. I appreciate and salute your amazing efforts in working to protect our environment. Now, please consider that the best position for you to have maximum impact on the range of challenges we face is as our next President. The world cries out for leaders with your character and mettle. We need a sequel, Al, one with a happy ending this time, and I am not talking about another movie, at least not until 2017. On behalf of April and Jamie, thank you for your consideration.

Paul Minor
Powell, Ohio