SG Presidential Election 2007

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That’s the percentage of students who voted in last year’s Student Government presidential election.

Whether the student body realizes it or not, the SG president has the unique ability to effect change on this campus like no other single student can. From leading the way to getting the Ibis Ride to the Grove to improved dining services and free laundry, a number of the luxuries we as students take for granted on a daily basis were implemented in large part because of the work of past and present presidential administrations. Which is why it is important that every student votes: It can matter.

Being informed is the best way to increase the number of students who vote, and the only way to increase the number of students who vote responsibly.

To do our part, The Miami Hurricane conducted interviews with the three presidential candidates and the other members of their tickets last Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Editors spoke with the entire ticket before talking to the presidential candidate alone.

The features below were compiled from the information taken from these interviews, covering selected biographical and election-related topics.

Included is a concise overview of each candidate’s top three platforms they would pursue, if elected, as well as a list of the rest of their central ideas. You will also find a brief summary of the candidates’ previous experience in on-campus organizations and leadership positions as well as answers to selected questions in their own words.

A full explanation of the ideas and various qualifications of these candidates could fill the pages of this entire issue. Instead, this guide strives to present the essentials in a clear, concise manner and readable fashion.

This is only a beginning. The rest is up to you.

Click here for the full Election Guide in PDF format

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