The UM Police Department reminds you to help keep our campus safe; report suspicious activity!

There is no need to give your name, but there is a need for you to share the information.

University Police patrol the campus 24 hours a day, but police cannot be everywhere at every time. Reporting suspicious activity helps maximize police efforts, and more importantly, it creates a discouraging environment to those wishing to commit crime. Think about it. If police are called every time a criminal leers through a vehicle’s window or sits in a strange location looking for something to steal, crimes will be stopped before they are ever committed. In addition, those looking to commit crimes will know to stay away from the University, because as a community, we don’t tolerate crime. Suspicious activity can be reported by calling 8-6666 from any campus phone, 305-284-6666 from any cell or regular phone, or by using one of the over 80 emergency telephones located around campus. Remember, you don’t have to provide UM Police with your name if you don’t wish to. Further information on reporting suspicious activity and crime prevention is available at, or through the UMPD Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.