Strange News

School sell tuition, room, and board on eBay

Oklahoma Wesleyan University students have the opportunity to pay a lot less for tuition than the rest of their classmates. On Saturday, the University kicked off an eBay auction of a year of tuition, including room and board at the private college. The bidding had reached 4,425 dollars by 11 p.m. Bidders can buy the tuition for either themselves or someone else. There are currently 1,030 students enrolled at the University and a year of tuition, room and board at Oklahoma Wesleyan costs about $23,000. The bidding will be open through Saturday. Mike Colaw, the University’s special assistant to the Vice President, said the school is looking to “create a buzz” surrounding the auction. The tuition recipient, however, must meet the university’s admission requirements.

Hungary to turn jails into hotels

Guests will be free to check out when they please if Hungary succeeds in converting its jails into luxury hotels. In order to fill a hole in its budget and replace some of its overcrowded prisons with new facilities, the Hungarian government is talking to a Spanish firm interested in buying its jails in prime downtown locations. Once home to some of the country’s most dangerous criminals, the star-shaped Csillag prison in the south-eastern city of Szeged is one jail that could be sold, with the proceeds used to build a more modern, humane prison in the suburbs. Once the criminals are out of these prisons, these buildings could be used for housing, high end luxury hotels, restaurants, etc. “You could do marvels with that building,” State Secretary Ferenc Kondorosi said, who noted Hungary’s prisons have a 138 percent occupancy rate. He would not name the Spanish firm involved but said government officials were traveling to Spain to see similar projects there.