No-longer-indie band predictable

With the word “indie” being thrown around more than a table-tennis ball at a college party, it’s difficult to distinguish what an “indie” band is these days. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve used and still do use the word plenty of times.

If used properly, the word should only be applied to describe a band that’s not affiliated with a major record company, or it can refer to a number of genres or subcultures independent from commercial pop music. So, The Killers and The Strokes are not “indie” bands.

Adding themselves to the list is one-time indie band Copeland from Lakeland, Florida with their recent effort “Eat, Sleep, Repeat”. The tracks shift from a slow to a moderate tempo and don’t really offer anything you can’t get from a Coldplay or Death Cab for Cutie CD.

The album is enjoyable but can put anyone to sleep within the first few minutes of the opening track “Where’s My Head”. “Love Affair,” a piano driven ballad, stands out lyrically and has singer/songwriter Aaron Marsh crooning “Oh she’d lie on her bed/and stare into harsh white light/and think that her heart’s not right”. Other tracks like “Control Freak” offer a bit more edge coming from the electric guitar.

Although this album was recorded with independent label The Militia Group, the success of the band and their strong fan base gave them the opportunity to sign with giant Columbia Records and stripped them from their indie status.

Any fan of The Stills or Death Cab might enjoy this album.

Marcos Col