Because it’s just another feel-good chick flick

Michael Lehmann, director of “40 Days and 40 Nights” and “Airheads,” takes a not-so-bold leap by perfecting the art of chick flicks. “Because I Said So” has all of the goofy wit of a romantic comedy and the predictability of an episode of “Full House”.

Okay, so we all know how the story goes: single mom (Diane Keaton) has three daughters, all are married but one (our hearts ache for you, you poor, miserable, twenty-something shrew), mom meddles where she shouldn’t and makes personal ad for daughter, decides on Mr. Right after multiple interviews with weirdos, sends them off into the sunset and they live happily ever after.

But wait-there’s more! Daughter (Mandy Moore) discovers her own Mr. Right and is inevitably faced with the conflict of dating both while deciding which one is her Prince Charming. Still following? Because here it gets super predictable: daughter finds out about mom’s scheme and GASP-the guys find out about each other! And just when she thought she had made her decision! What will she do? How will it end?

Alright, so it’s not exactly “Ocean’s 11,” but sometimes movies like this need to be watched-if not to laugh at, than simply to remind you that you too can write any movie that you put your mind to. And in all fairness, there were a few interesting things about it. For example, the running tally on how many outfits Diane Keaton could possibly coordinate an oversized belt with, or the number of times they actually said “Because I Said So!” (three), or the fact that Mandy Moore can cry on cue.

Today, we salute you Michael Lehmann. While others are making movies with all of that boring dramatic stuff, you understand the importance of a humdrum romantic comedy starring a singer turned actress and a veteran who should know better. Even that girl from “Coyote Ugly” couldn’t turn it down. Depth matters to some, but not you-you get your kicks making us cry and laugh at the same time. So here’s to you, Michael Lehmann-may your next movie be as amusing as your last.

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