Strange News : Professional Pillow fighting introduced

Hundreds of New Yorkers were lined up last weekend for the US debut of the Pillow Fight League (PFL). This league is a Canadian invention meant to turn the stereotypical male fantasy into a popular sport for women “who enjoy behaving badly”. They are not allowed to scratch, gouge or pull each other’s hair. Instead, only a fiber-filled bed pillow may be used. A Canadian model, Katrina Randell, who goes by “Sally Spitfire” while pillow fighting said, “It’s not just a bunch of sexy girls in lingerie-get ready, you’re going to get walloped. We beat the crap out of each other and we’re giggling at the end.” The PFL whose slogan is “Fight like a girl” has 22 fighting members, an official male referee and rules which include no “rude, lewd or suggesting behavior” (this includes stuffing a brick into your pillow). Needless to say, both female audiences and male sports columnists mentioned that this event has a “leering, creepy old man element in the crowd” which is a “post-modern irony that set women back, oh, 40 years.” Fights last five minutes and are won by pinning opponents to the ground (sometimes with the help of a pillow ’round their throat), or belting them so hard that they surrender.