Strange News : Man gets lost in NYC for five days

Damon Mootoo, a new comer to New York City, was lost for five days after simply stepping out for a walk. Mootoo was staying at his brother’s house in Queens when he decided to go out on a walk just 12 hours after arriving in New York for the first time. The man, 32, quickly got disoriented. Although Mootoo can speak English, he said he didn’t ask for directions because he was afraid he’d be deported and because he had heard scary stories about New York. Mootoo decided to rough it in abandoned cars and under wood planks to survive the temperatures that dropped into the low 20s. Michal Bharath, was walking home from church when he spotted Mootoo shivering on the street and after he and his wife made Mootoo a sandwich, Mootoo opened up and told them his story. After this experience, Mootoo told the paper, “I want to go home, I’m thinking about going back to Guyana.”