Strange News

Man to sell life to highest bidder, introduce to ex-girlfriend

Australian Nicael Holt offered his life for sale on an internet auction site. Receiving a bid of nearly 5,900 dollars for it, Holt says that if the buyer pays in cash then he will go through with the deal. Don’t worry, he won’t be taking his own life, but rather letting the buyer assume the life he plays. Holt will introduce the buyer to all of his friends, his ex-girlfriend, the current girlfriend, etc., in a four week crash course on assuming his identity. The 24-year-old philosophy student says he’ll make a documentary if the top bidders turn out to be the real deal.

Dead Baby found in a suitcase withing a suitcase in a storage facility

A partially-mummified baby was found wrapped in a newspaper in the warehouse self-storage unit in Delray, Florida. The remains are believed to have been mummified since the 1950s. The remains were found in papers from the 1950s inside a suitcase contained inside a second suitcase. The renters of the storage unit died this past year and investigations are still being conducted.


A 62-year-old grandmother who prosecutors said ran drugs to support her bingo habit has been sentenced to three years in prison and a $150,000 fine. Police stopped Leticia Villareal Garcia February 2005 and found 214 pounds of marijuana stuffed into the trunk of her car. Garcia has maintained her innocence, telling the judge at her sentencing Friday that she was unaware of the grass as she headed for a bingo game. Garcia faced as much as 12 1/2 years in prison, but her lawyer hopes for a lesser sentenced based on her age.