LCn Records founder shouldn’t rap, too

Coming into the rap scene rockin’ beats that resemble the height of Cash Money and No Limit Records really isn’t going to get you much attention. If anything, you might cause some flashbacks here and there. Regardless, Miami’s own Jediah will try to break into the rap game with his debut album “Confessions of a Thug.” He spent most of his younger years in North Miami Beach’s Washington Park where drug dealing was common. The lyrics throughout the album illustrate his experiences with street life, something that’s not unique when listening to a debut rap album.

Jediah voice resembles Ja Rule’s, only having a slower southern drawl. “Confessions of a Thug” is mostly written and produced by the rapper, who is the founder and CEO of the record label LCn Records. On the album’s single “S.U.V.” the rapper dedicates the song to.yes, his car. On the tune, Jediah belts “This one’s dedicated to my S.U.V./You’re my own personal hotel mami.”

The rapper describes his music as being “Thug Passion Music,” a term coined by Tupac Shakur, Jediah’s heavy influence. There may be dozens of reasons on how the two don’t compare, but the main is in choice of lyric. While Shukur had more important things to say about the current conditions of his time, Jediah sticks only to his story.

That’s the problem with the majority of up and coming rappers; they don’t have anything important or unique to say. In order for Jediah to have the same success that Luther Campbell had in the 305 there need to be some changes made in both lyric and beat.

Marcos Col