2007: Already a bad year for some celebrities in the spotlight

Just weeks into 2007, while most of us are still clinging for dear life to our New Year’s resolutions, a handful of celebrities have already landed themselves exactly where they left off in 2006- or worse.

Surely no one can forget the Britney Spears blunders; she filed for divorce from husband Kevin Federline, became a serial crotch-flasher and was repeatedly deemed an unfit mother- all in the span of one year. However, Spears’ New Year’s resolution, which the star claimed was “just to take care of me more,” was over before it even started when she reportedly passed out in a Las Vegas club on New Year’s Eve.

According to her manager “she was merely tired.” However, onlookers say she had to be carried out of the club’s rear exit with a coat over her head.

Unfortunately for Spears, the worst has yet to come. Her largest unofficial fan-site, “The World of Britney,” announced that as of January 31, it will be shutting down after six years.

“It’s kind of pathetic that the people who have so many opportunities to be positive contributors to society are too busy flashing the cameras and falling down in clubs to be good role models,” senior Emily Cronin-Furman said.

With the end of the Paris and Nicole feud, things were looking up for the heiress to the Hilton throne. However, the lights went off in Paris as on January 4 Fred Khalilian, owner of two nightclubs known as “Club Paris,” reported that Hilton had been “fired” (as spokesperson) for her failure to attend scheduled club appearances.

While he doesn’t plan to change the name of his clubs, Khalilian says that they will now be associated with the city rather than the socialite.

For the actors of Fox’s TV show “The O.C.,” an era is coming to an end. Fox announced on January 3, after four seasons, “The O.C.” will be taken off of the air after its February 22 finale. The show’s creator Josh Schwartz announced that he wanted to end the show “on a creative high.”

“Once you kill one of your main characters off, the show has nowhere else to go but down,” senior Kim Hernandez said. “People lose interest and your audience starts to grow up a little bit.”

And finally in entertainment’s New Year’s blunders, the only thing more inexplicable than the Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump feud is that one month later it is still going strong.

The feud began back in December when Trump decided not to take the title away from Miss USA Tara Conner who had recently been in the media for underage drinking.O’Donnell later commented on her TV show “The View” that Trump had “no right to be the moral compass for 20-year olds in America.”

And thus ensued a whirlwind of below the belt jabs between the two.

Hopes that the feud would end with the New Year were soon squashed when Trump brought Barbara Walters into the feud as well, claiming that she had told him of her dislike for O’Donnell.

“That was the most fourth grade thing I’ve ever seen,” said Hernandez. “I think he should have just kept his mouth shut- now he looks like a little kid just pointing fingers and calling her fat.”

Ironically, Trump told CNN’s “Showbiz Tonight” that he does not like the publicity that the feud has generated and said that he “doesn’t want to waste time fighting with some lowlife like Rosie.”

But on the bright side, it’s only a month into the New Year so maybe the tide can turn for these troublesome star. or not.

Ashley Guistolisi can be contacted at a.guistolisi@umiami.edu