Quarterback: B+
Kirby Freeman is smart. He’s able to run under pressure and make sound decisions-and pressure is a constant for this offense that is plagued by a weak O-Line. As he becomes more comfortable, the touchdown numbers will grow and the interceptions will decline.

Running Backs: B-
The running game had difficulties against Boston College. The team only had 66 yards rushing, although more than double that of the Eagles. BC’s DeJuan Tribble terrorized the offense forcing fumbles and nabbing interceptions. Javarris James was able to escape Tribble and secure the win for Miami with a second TD in the third quarter.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B
After a slow start, this unit was able to gain momentum and lead Miami down the field. The team had 181 yards passing to BC’s 169. Ryan Moore had a career long 49-yard reception in the second quarter and Lance Leggett met with Freeman for a touchdown that put Miami up 14-10 at halftime.

Offensive Line: C+
I know I sound like a broken record about the O-Line, but they have to be able to BLOCK. The offensive woes of the season could have been minor problems if Miami had a stronger O-Line. Miami MUST recruit some top linemen.

Defensive Line: A
Calais Campbell has turned into one of the top defensive players. After BC, he holds the record for the most tackles for a loss by a UM player since 2002. His number came up on almost every significant stop this game. The defense as a whole played outstanding.

Linebackers: A-
Jon Beason started the game off on the right foot with a tackle that resulted in a loss of three yards on BC’s first rush attempt. He maintained stamina throughout the game, managing a few sacks and popping up to prevent holes. Altogether, this unit was inspired and hungry to win.

Special Teams: B-
Brian Monroe was able to keep his kicks straight with the exception of a short punt in the first UM drive of the game. Monroe handed BC the ball on the 48 yard line giving them field advantage that led to their first TD of the night. Essentially, Jon Peattie kept Miami alive by securing the field goal edge before the end of the half.

Coaching: B-
Third down conversions were almost non-existent and some of the play calling on offense was questionable. I hope that the next head coach has experience with a weak offense.

Compiled by Stacey Arnold