Quarterbacks: B-
Kirby Freeman showed some stiffness when running compared to last week. The number of interceptions almost matches the number of touchdowns in his short career at UM, but he is able to do more in the pocket and think faster than Kyle Wright.

Running Backs: C+
The running game has taken a backseat lately, which may be a result of coaching calls or just the inept offensive line. We KNOW Javarris James can cover more than 95 yards on 21 carries. This unit has to be able to score if the ‘Canes hope to have any chance at a bowl game.

Receivers/Tight Ends: C+
Sam Shields’ fumble was a costly one that contributed to the mediocre Virginia team’s success against the battered Hurricanes. Lance Leggett was the lone scorer of the day . Greg Olsen had a decent game, but was unable to come up with a break-away play that could turn the game around.

Offensive Line: D
Granted, this team is exhausted from the tragic events of the last two weeks, but the O-Line is still unable to hold the opponent off so that the ‘Canes can score. The Virginia defense shouldn’t have been a tough challenge.

Defensive Line: C+
The defense can be summed up in one word: disappointing. The D-Line, along with the rest of the defense, is really feeling the emotional weight of the loss of Bryan Pata.

Linebackers: B-
Jon Beason still managed 15 tackles despite the heavy cloud over the defense, but this alone was not enough to hold off the Cavaliers. This Virginia team, under normal circumstances, would’ve been no match for the top-ranked Miami defense.

Special Teams: B+
The special teams did what they could in this sloppy, uneventful game. Jon Peattie added the PAT to the score and Brian Monroe had two punts inside the 20.

Coaching: C-
It almost seems like the coaches have given up. There was nothing new, nothing inventive and barely any energy in the team. The week was a tough one for the Hurricanes-there’s no doubt about that. BUT, there is no excuse for losing to a team whose only ACC wins have come from Duke, UNC and NC State. Not to mention the fact that the ‘Canes were almost shut out.

Compiled by Stacey Arnold