Book Review Quickie

Over Thanksgiving Break, show Mom and Dad you learned more than calculus and accounting this semester and whip up something special in the kitchen.

The Food Network has come out with with a how-to book designed for college students, recent grads and anyone who is just tired of the same old dinner routine.

“How to Boil Water: Life Beyond Takeout” combines the talents of the Food Network’s team of chefs, researchers, recipe developers, cooks, writers and food stylists to give you a comprehensive beginner’s cookbook. Ranging from the basics (setting up a kitchen, proper storage of food) to the menu items, “How to Boil Water” covers all the senses and makes cooking fun.

From simple snacks such as popcorn three ways (cheese, sweet and spicy and rocky road) to the more intricate oven-roasted salmon with lemon-dill seasoned salt, the book breaks down the process from ingredients, directions, tips and words of wisdom. Scattered throughout the book are hosting and shopping tips not regularly included in an average cookbook such as “want wine with that,” “lost in the meat department” and “mechanics of soup.”

Even if “How to Boil Water” doesn’t inspire you to break out the apron and prepare a culinary feast, at least you’ll know what to ask mom to cook you while you’re home.

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