Public Safety – Weekly Safety Tip

Each year 46,000 cyclists are injured and 600 cyclists are killed in collisions with motor vehicles.

The Department of Public Safety recognizes that many students at the University of Miami use bicycles to get around campus and to get around the city. Cycling is a healthy and efficient means of transportation, so long as student cyclists practice the basics of bicycle safety. First and foremost, wear a helmet; more than 70% of bicycle-related fatalities result from head injuries. Always ride with motor vehicle traffic, and in a straight and predictable path. Stay alert at all times; watch out for potholes, cracks, expansion joints, railroad tracks, wet leaves, drainage grates, or anything else that could make you fall. Wear clothes that make you highly visible during the day, in the evening, and at night; cyclist apparel with integrated reflectors provide an extra level of visibility. Lastly, protect your bicycle by keeping it locked to a bicycle rack with a sturdy lock. If you don’t have one, the Department of Public Safety provides free U-style bicycle locks. Further information on bicycle safety and crime prevention is available at or through the Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.