Judge-ment Day

On behalf of the University of Miami and myself, I would like to thank Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr. for coming down and speaking to us.

Those of you who are critics of this University should simply quiet down. I know in the past I have jokingly written articles about the chlorine in the fountains and the overwhelming duck poop, so please don’t call me out on my hypocrisy.

In all seriousness, this is my fourth year at this university, and in that time, I have heard lectures and/or had the pleasure of meeting the Dalai Lama, John Kerry, Bill Nelson, Peter Deutsch, James Carville, and now the Chief Justice of the United States, among others. I am truly honored to be a student here in order to have these opportunities.

These are very powerful people with very busy schedules who, in the words of Chief Justice Roberts, “made an exception to come here.” President Shalala has done a wonderful job getting these prestigious people to make such exceptions to speak here at UM. The fact that this is Miami surely helps her cause.

As for the speech itself, when I first sat down, my girlfriend turned to me and said, “Wow, he’s young.” My immediate response was, “Yeah, and we are stuck with him for a good 40 years or so.” Then, Board of Trustees Chairman Dean Colson began to speak and impressed me; he was both funny and informative, and set up what was to come next.

Then the “chief,” as his colleges call him, finally spoke. He did so with great knowledge and wisdom, but he did it in laymen’s terms so everyone could understand. He kept everyones’ attention with his quick wit and interesting stories about the life of a Justice.

I will be the first one to say that I was wrong. I am honored and pleasured to be “stuck with him for a good 40 years or so.” I did have one concern, however: the sound quality was horrible. You would think for a place that puts on concerts, they would have better sound equipment.

Justin Diamond is a senior majoring in management. He really enjoyed the John Roberts lecture and may be contacted at j.diamond2@umiami.edu.