News Briefs


New grant to enhance computer science and math education

The university has recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation to go towards undergraduate science education. The $467,575 grant will fund scholarships for students wishing to pursue a second major in the fields of computer science or mathematics.

Scholars of UM’s Computer Science and Mathematics for Scientists project will receive program-specific advising, mentoring and progress mentoring assistance over the course of their studies. Students will also be given the opportunity to network with potential employers. The university also has specific plans to increase the amount of underrepresented groups in computer science and mathematics, and encourages high school teacher workshops.

Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis based on financial need, academic merit and diversity, and will cover eight years of academic coursework for up to four years.


Calorie reduction could possibly help increase lifespan


(U-WIRE) NORMAL, Ill. – Numerous studies, including some done in Wisconsin, have linked dramatic effects in animals and more recently monkeys that indicate calorie reduction could extend the lifespan. While still taking nutrients and vitamins into consideration, the idea of calorie reduction is to eat about 30 percent less calories than normal.

According to Bob Cavanaugh, the secretary and editor with the Calorie Reduction Society, those who encourage calorie reduction have received a lot of scrutiny, but are finally starting to get some recognition for this concept.

Cavanaugh said he emphasizes the pairing of calorie reduction with proper nutrition and the combination of the two is what truly increases the lifespan and delays the onset of age-related disease.

There are still many skeptics of calorie restricted diets who do not believe Americans can stay on such diets because they are too strict and will feel miserable trying to attempt them.

Cavanaugh said he has seen many members of society having a difficult time adjusting to the new diet, but the idea is to ease into it and stay on track.

“I cannot emphasize enough the idea of easing into the diet…you must gradually change your diet to include less calories, not all at once. Also, keeping track of what you’re eating by using various types of software can help you see your progress,” Cavanaugh explained.

Cavanaugh said none of his members have had any self-repercussions from these kinds of toxins and easing into these diets helps the body adjust. He also said the Calorie Reduction Society has been considered the first human cohort for calorie reduction and they will not know if this idea truly works until the members start dying.


There are two Student Government Senate seats available for the School of Architecture and the School of Music. Applications are available in UC 214 and are due back Monday, Nov. 27, in Speaker Pro Tempore Brandon Gross’ mailbox. Interviews to be held on Tuesday, Nov. 28.