Panic! at the musical circus

Clad in circus outfits and face paint, Panic! At the Disco put on quite a show the thousands of screaming fans – mostly middle and high school-aged girls – Tuesday night at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise. Consistent with the theme, they played under a circus tent replete with stilt walkers, a man in a cage and other costumed contortionists.

Though lead singer Brendon Urie’s vocals were not amplified sufficiently to be as prominent as they are in the album, he performed very well.

Songs like the hit single “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” kept the audience on its feet and fully engaged in the show for Panic!’s performance, which lasted slightly longer than one hour. The music took somewhat of a backseat to the theatrics, but made it nonetheless a unique concert experience.

Panic! also performed two covers that surely please the parent chaperone’s in attendance- “Killer Queen” and “Eleanor Rigby,” two classics from Queen and The Beatles, respectively. Urie’s vocals made the Queen cover the better of the two.

Opening for Panic! were Jack’s Mannequin and Bloc Party. Jack’s performance – their first in an arena – was a very fun and musically strong. Bloc Party’s performance, though it had a couple high points, was not as memorable. It seems that hearing the vocals was the problem of the night as Andrew McMahon, Jack’s front-man, was also plagued by the band drowning out his singing at the beginning of their set, but this improved by the third song.

Overall it was a very enjoyable show with a good mix of music, talent and theatrics.

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