Soul-singing producer has what it takes

If there is any artist out there trying to compare to the great soul singers of the past, Robin Thicke is definitely that artist. With his sophomore debut, “The Evolution of Robin Thicke”, the soul-singing white boy’s voice is a smooth as Lou Rawls in his prime.

The lyrics in the album illustrate stories of love, finding hope and temptation. In 2005, Pharrell Williams signed Thicke to his Star Trak label and has even been quoted saying that Thicke “is going to change music”. I wouldn’t go as far as saying he will change music, however, this album is one sexy-ass ride through and through.

The Grammy award winning songwriter/producer invites Lil’ Wayne and Faith Evans in on songs “All Night Long” and “Got 2 Be Down.” The melody in the album is superb and Thicke’s voice is truly soulful and heartfelt. R&B fans all around should definitely give this album a listen. A title like this for an album would be expected by artists like Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson; guys who have been around the block once or twice, but Thicke will definitely be around long enough in the spotlight for those to notice his evolution.

Marcos Col