Quarterbacks: C
Kyle Wright went 20 for 31 with one interception. He threw 246 yards and one touchdown. Wright’s lack of an offensive line severely hurts his ability to make big plays, but his decision making when forced to run is not good.

Running Backs: B+
Javarris James netted 113 yards with one breakaway run for 49 yards. “Baby J” is able to make up for the O-Line’s pitfalls by breaking through the defense. Tyrone Moss only saw seven net yards after being pushed back nine yards.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B+
Greg Olsen recorded the lone offensive touchdown for the game. Sam Shields and Lance Leggett had meaningful plays, but Leggett let the ball drop (literally) in the third quarter on the Georgia Tech 30-yard line.

Offensive Line: D-
This team’s primary problem is that the O-Line is unable to protect Wright and make their blocks. Reggie Youngblood clearly missed a tackle that led to Wright being sacked for a loss-but he wasn’t the only one.

Defensive Line: B-
Calais Campbell forced the fumble that allowed linebacker Glenn Cook to recover for Miami’s first of two touchdowns. Baraka Atkins had two sacks which pushed GA Tech back a combined 20 yards. It’s that kind of coverage that the offense needs. However, the defense was battered and tired by the second half and gave up serious gains to the Yellow Jackets.

Linebackers: A-
Glenn Cook was the star today with three tackles and a 19-yard fumble return that put the ‘Canes on the board early in the game.

Secondary: C-
The secondary faltered on two significant plays that let the Yellow Jackets gain 195 yards and two touchdowns. Miami was able to contain them otherwise, but still suffered as a result of their inability to stop the big plays.

Special Teams: B-
Jon Peattie recorded 11 points for the team without missing a beat. The three field goals and two PAT kicks kept the Hurricanes in the game until the final minutes.

Coaching: C-
Losing to GA Tech away is not the same as almost losing to Duke. Still, the coaching staff made poor decisions such as using up the second half timeouts that would’ve been instrumental in the final two minutes, the absence of James throughout much of the second quarter and not calling an onside kick late in the game.

Compiled by Stacey Arnold