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UM receives grant for teacher education

The Florida Department of Education recently awarded a grant to the School of Education in the amount of $263,348 through the department’s SUCCEED Florida Teaching Grant Program. The funds will establish a new program for an undergraduate minor in education, which will be available starting in the fall 2007 semester, so that students majoring in a field outside of the School of Education can still fulfill the necessary course requirements for teacher certification. The grant is expected to enhance the university’s ability to educate aspiring teachers in the understaffed areas of special education, mathematics and science.

University Village Building 1 delayed

Dr. Patricia A. Whitely, Vice President for Student Affairs, announced via email on Oct. 18 that that the expected move-in date has been moved from Oct. 28 to Nov. 11 for Building 1 of University Village. All housing at the Holiday Inn and meal plans have been extended, Whitely said in the email.


Student weight gain reality for both men and women

Thomas Madrecki // Cavalier Daily (U. Virginia)

(U-WIRE) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – According to research presented last week, the freshman 15 might be more real than previously thought-although the actual weight gained by freshman is more likely to be between five and 10 pounds.

The research, conducted by Dr. Elizabeth Lloyd-Richardson, assistant research professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University, indicates that, on average, students gain weight upon entering college. Weight is put on by both males and females, and the weight gains continue through sophomore year and beyond.

The research itself is based on two studies: Project CLUEE, funded by the National Institute of Health, and UpTERN, funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Project CLUEE investigated 382 students from a private college in the Northeast, whereas UpTERN focused on 907 students from a public, Midwestern college.

According to a release, Project CLUEE revealed that, on average, male students gained 5.6 pounds and female students gained 3.6 pounds during their first year of college. Most of this weight gain took place during the first semester.

The findings also gave the numbers for UpTERN. On average, both male and female students gained 7.8 pounds, seven of which were gained during the first semester. UpTERN research continued until the end of sophomore year-males finished 9.5 pounds and females 9.2 pounds heavier than when they started college.

Melanie Brede, registered dietitian at the university, quoting the National College Health Assessment of 2003, said a vast majority of University students fall into the “healthy” range for BMI, or body mass index.

Lloyd-Richardson hypothesized that the weight gains could be caused by a reduction in physical activity, increased drinking of alcoholic beverages and unhealthy food.


The Department of Parking and Transportation Services is offering free Hurry ‘Cane shuttle services to Miami International Airport for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Shuttles will run every hour from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. starting Nov. 21 from various locations around campus. To make a reservation, call 305-284-3096, option one.