Strange News

Skier Lifts Wife for Beer Prize

John Farra, a former Winter Olympian from Caribou won the seventh annual North American Wife Carrying Championship last week. Apparently, he practiced for this great feat in Maine by running up a ski slope with 80 pounds of mortar mix. His first place finish earned him and his 110 pound wife Tess her weight in beer and five times her weight in cash ($550 – for those who are mathematically challenged). They are also eligible for a $1,000 reimbursement toward a trip to the world championships in Finland next July.

Material Girl has Third Child

Madonna and Guy Ritchie have decided to add a member to their family. They have left Malawi with a one-year-old boy after receiving a judge’s approval along with the proper adoption papers. The father of the adopted boy said he realized Madonna would be adopting his son for the first time when they met in court to go over the legal formalities. He described the family as a “lovely couple” and said that Madonna promised to bring back the adopted son to Malawi to visit.