Quarterbacks: A
Kyle Wright was able to put up 299 yards and went 24 for 41 with one interception. Wright made good use of the available receivers, but was unable to do the same with the rushing game.

Running Backs: B-
The rushing game was not what we have come to expect from Tyrone Moss and Javarris James. Taking into consideration that the O-Line is still having problems blocking for the running backs, nine attempts and 19 yards is still not typical James play.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: A-
Lance Leggett had six receptions for 131 yards, but it was against Duke. I guess we should be grateful that the coaches and the ACC didn’t catch he’s running punch at the FIU player on crutches. Sam Shields was responsible for both touchdowns of the day.

Offensive Line: C
The O-Line is still having major problems blocking. Wright should not have been sacked by Duke. The rushing game should’ve been more powerful. The O-Line needs to step it up.

Defensive Line: C-
Duke actually had 380 yards in offense, more than the Miami offense. Which begs the question: where was the defense? Willie Cooper was able to stop Duke from winning the game in the final play. It came down to an interception.against Duke.

Linebackers: B
With Jon Beason out due to injury, the linebackers were quiet. Glenn Cook and Tavares Gooden made solid efforts to fill his shoes. Beason will be needed next week against Georgia Tech.

Secondary: C+
With 13 players out, the depth of the team was shallow. However, the secondary was unable to stop major Duke plays in the second half that almost led to a Blue Devil win.

Special Teams: B-/C+
The botched punt that led to Duke’s first score was the fuel that almost gave the winless Blue Devils a victory. Peattie made his kicks, which ended up allowing Miami the victory.

Coaching: D+/C-
Has Randy Shannon checked out? The fact that statistically Duke and Miami look even is scary, although not completely implausible this season. Suspensions aren’t the only excuse for a near loss to this winless football team.

Compiled by Stacey Arnold