Mark Light Stadium on track to open doors in January

Mark Light Baseball Stadium has been home to the University of Miami baseball team and its four national titles since its inception in 1973.

Once the envy of the bunch for its state-of-the-art facilities, Mark Light Stadium is now undergoing multiple phases of renovation to catch up with time and technology.

The enhancements to the stadium are, in part, thanks to the $3.9 million contribution made to the university baseball program by New York Yankees All-Star third baseman Alex Rodriguez. The donation was the largest ever to be made to the university baseball program, and it has been instrumental in this project, which is roughly estimated to be an $11 million endeavor.

When the baseball season opens in January, Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park is hoping to see two of the three renovation phases completed.

“The new updated and improved facilities will allow us to compete with other stadiums,” Head Coach Jim Morris said. “Our fans and players deserve these types of facilities and this type of stadium.”

The first phase, which has already been completed, included renovations to the fan seating, dugouts, lights and backstop. These changes to the field itself should serve as a better environment for both fans and athletes.

Currently underway are enhancements to the concession stands and restaurants, which account for phase two of the three-phase project. These renovations are scheduled to be completed before the start of the upcoming baseball season. At this point, everything is said to be on track and the university fully expects these enhancements to be completed by the start of the season.

Hereafter, work on phase three will begin. Phase three includes renovations to the locker rooms, weight room, training room, meeting room, VIP box and press box.

These new improvements are necessary to continue the high caliber play the Hurricanes expect from their athletes.

Additionally, the advancements to the stadium should provide people with an added reason to attend the games, since they will now be allotted comfortable seating, better dining facilities and a live performance from a quality baseball team.

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