Freshman Survival 101: Dorm showers

There is one thing in the dorms that I would not wish upon anyone in the world (besides any future college freshmen): using the dorm showers. I would like to challenge anyone to a duel if they can think of anything worse than using the girls’ showers in the freshman dorms.

Here is a typical ten-minute shower experience: I slip on my shower shoes and arm myself with a towel in one hand and a shower caddy in the other. I head towards the illuminating fluorescent lighting of the bathroom and begin my search for the utopian shower-or rather, the least crappy.

There are four kinds of crappy showers: the one where the water pressure in the showerhead is so high that it can knock anyone unconscious, the one where the water pressure is so low it feels like the showerhead is spitting on you (while you are going blind as the shampoo slowly penetrates into your eye, detaching your retina), the bipolar shower that randomly switches between scalding you like a hair iron and freezing you into the next