Quarterbacks: B
Kyle Wright completed 14 of 22 passes for 117 yards. He secured three touchdowns and was able to make use of several different receivers. Kirby Freeman completed 75 percent of his passes and met with Lance Leggett for a touchdown.

Running Backs: B
Tyrone Moss was back, but on his first play he had a loss of one yard. He picked things up and had a notable 16-yard rush. Javarris James was quiet, as was most of the running game, picking up 36 net yards. Derron Thomas had the lone rushing touchdown of the night.

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: B
Lance Leggett showed improvement since the last game, scoring two touchdowns and totaling 77 yards for the night. Although, I’d be surprised if we see him against Duke after his running punch during the frenzy. Sam Shields led the receivers with 88 yards.

Offensive Line: D+/C-
Wright was sacked twice AGAINST FIU. There really isn’t an excuse why the O-Line shouldn’t be blocking and giving Wright more time.

Defensive Line: B+
The D-Line was successful in shutting out the Golden Panthers at the Orange Bowl. FIU’s quarterbacks were sacked three times including a twelve yard loss instigated by Courtney Harris.

Linebackers: B
The Linebackers made serious hits packed with fury after the tussle. If only they could do that without having to be provoked.

Secondary: B-
FIU was able to make a few significant passing plays in the first half, which could’ve been prevented by the secondary. Regardless, they were unable to score.

Special Teams: C+
Jon Peattie missed a field goal, keeping the game scoreless until near the end of the second quarter. Why the coaches decided to go for a kick in such windy conditions is beyond me.

Coaching: D+/C-
Some of the play choices were baffling and why the Hurricanes were unable to score for the majority of the first half is a question that will go unanswered. The brawl that broke out can’t be completely pinned on the coaches, but their players should know better than that, which is ultimately the coaches’ responsibility.

Overall: F
The Pay-Per-View fans who were watching the game got their money’s worth. Not only did the ‘Canes lower themselves to nothing more than a bunch of gang-like scrapers, but then they celebrated it! Has this team come to the point that they can no longer get fired up by the game of football alone?

Compiled by Stacey Arnold