Police Beat

Public Safety reminds you to park smart, especially when off-campus!

Taking the right precautions will enhance your personal safety and the safety of your vehicle.

Do your best to park your vehicle in highly visible, highly trafficked, well-lighted areas. The majority of vehicle thefts happen at night, and in isolated areas. Close all windows, make sure your vehicle is locked, and never leave keys in the ignition or in the car. Don’t hide a key on the exterior of the vehicle either. Each year approximately 25% of vehicles stolen in Florida had the keys in them. Never leave property visible inside your vehicle. Put everything in the trunk. Glass windows can be easily broken. Use vehicle theft deterrents such as “The Club” steering wheel lock, VIN window etching, alarm systems, and alarm window decals. If you are on campus and uncomfortable for any reason, park in a garage and call for a security escort. If you see something suspicious, contact University Police at 305-284-6666. You can report suspicious activity anonymously; there is no need to become involved unless you want to. Further information on vehicle safety and crime prevention is available at www.miami.edu/publicsafety, or through the Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.