Citizen Cope tries to be everything, and more

Citizen Cope, comprised of Clarence Greenwood and some weird, slightly psychedelic music, is a toxic blend of sorts. Rarely uninventive, but sometimes cumbersome, Citizen Cope is maybe a little too challenging for its own good, often relying on tricky means to win over listeners rather than relying on pure talent.

Still, such is the means many bands rely on now. It’s not enough to be musically gifted anymore; you have to be cunning, sharp, edgy and sexy. Every Waking Moment is a lot of things, many of them positive, but it is not everything, and sometimes it feels like it’s trying to be.

The major problem with Every Waking Moment is that it rarely grabs you the way it should. The music is too concerned with having all these career-defining musical characteristics that it each song becomes tangled in its own ambition. If effort was enough, Every Waking Moment would be a miracle. Regrettably for Greenwood, effort does not a masterpiece make.

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