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UM researcher receives prestigious award

The American Meteorogical Society (AMS) announced that Dr. Amy Clement of the Rosentiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science will receive the 2007 Clarence Leroy Meisinger Award “for her insightful advances in understanding the role of the tropical ocean-atmosphere system in past climate variations.”

Clement’s research focuses on uncovering the workings of the climate system by examining past climate changes. Concentrating on the tropical climate system, Clement worked to challenge past theories on by pointing out that weather phenomena are the primary contributors to yearly climate changes.

This is the second time in three years that a Rosentiel scientist has earned the Meisinger Award. In 2004, Dr. Brian Mapes was commended for his “highly original contributions to the understanding, modeling, and parameterization of atmospheric convection, its organization, and its coupling to the large-scale flow.”

Security ALERT

Sources say a short man with long grey hair has been seen around campus passing out anti-Semetic fliers and pamphlets. If you see this man, the university asks you to please contact the police.


Speaker at U. Wisconsin decries war on terrorism

Mike Ewing // The Daily Cardinal (U. Wisconsin)

(U-WIRE) MADISON, Wis. – After receiving an award for a “Lifetime Contribution to Critical Scholarship” Thursday, historian and author Howard Zinn criticized a lack of historical perspective among Americans, saying it caused a “hysteria” that led to the war in Iraq.

Zinn said media coverage surrounding the war on terror failed to include lessons of the Cold War when fear of Communism led citizens to embrace military actions, such as the Vietnam War.

“Terrorism has supplanted communism as an attempt to get people to do things against their own interests,” Zinn said.

Zinn claimed the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are acts of terrorism because of the civilian casualties and manipulation of U.S. citizens, and that the fear and fighting needs to end soon.

A World War II veteran, Zinn said he learned first-hand that, “War corrupts everyone who engages in it.”

Many attendees said they thought Zinn’s study of history and egalitarian point of view gave great weight to his opinions, including Leif Martenson, a University of Wisconsin-Madison junior and English major.

“I admire him as a leftist intellectual, who is progressive and working to change America, based on his extensive and incredibly detailed studies of history,” Martenson said.


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