The Voice of V

    V, The Hurricane’s own relationship and life expert, opens up to The Hurricane, and her readers in this exclusive interview.

    How did you start the column?
    I used to be an opinion columnist for The Hurricane, but I suggested a regular column called “Dear V” to the Editor-in-Chief at the time, and she thought it was a great idea. I wrote a proposition; a sample question, and started getting questions right away.

    How can you determine which letters are fake?
    I can’t determine which ones are fake, and it’s honestly something I can’t worry about, because it’s an advice column, and you’d like to think that part of it is there for entertainment purposes – you don’t consult a glamour magazine for hardcore news.

    Which were the most outrageous letters?
    For the most part, it’s mediocre “boy trouble this, girl trouble that” stuff. Although I’ve had to tone a lot of them down before because they were too graphic for the Editor-in-Chief at the time. I do get a lot of questions about masturbation, and the first semester I did the column, I got a few about sex toys.
    I did get one about this guy who was obsessed with anime. He was saying how he wanted his girlfriend to dress up like a character, and she was not having that.

    There are also a lot of relationship problems that people our age encounter. Nothing is ever really that insane; it’s a little shocking, but never abnormal-but then again, I’m a very open, tolerant person.

    Once you’re done, how will you choose a successor?
    I’ve actually had a lot of people approach me, people who know my real identity, about taking the column on, and I think one of these days I will appoint some kind of prot