From webcasts to album deals

Beginning at age 14, Scottish singer Sandi Thom began to project her rich voice and impress audience’s generations older than she.

Now, 10 years later at 24 years old, Thom finally released her debut album Smile.It Confuses People.

Taking a different path to finding fame, Thom has already made a name for herself not through the usual country-wide touring trek but rather by singing on the web for free. Over the course of two weeks Thom’s web audience grew from 70 to 70,000 listeners.

According to her publicist, UK RCA Records refers to her as “the first webcast signing in major record label history.”

The deepness to her voice relates to Kelly Clarkson, but with a less “pop” aura to the songs and with the album’s folksy and opposing rock sounds, it proves very versatile and can help someone relax after a hard day of classes or even rock out while at the gym.

Tracks like “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker” entice listeners with its stomping sound and enlightening lyrics, while “Lonely Girl” evokes a mellower sound.

Unlike many albums recently released with their meaningless melodies, Thom writes her own lyrics.

While her adventure to this point has been remarkable, the album falls short in completeness.

Thom’s voice gives each song that little something to make them good, but does not push them far enough to make them all great.

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