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New “Student Wikia” establishes wikis for universities

In a news story released by Collegiate Presswire, Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and Wikia, called on students to establish communities for their individual universities on Student Wikia. Student Wikia is free, fully revisable and is globally available as a guide to universities.

“Conventional resources, like university websites and brochures, are great for information gathering at the surface level, but for students looking for current, under-the-radar tips and tricks that only other students would know, wikis are the way to go,” said Tristan Harris, founder of the Stanford University student wiki, in an interview with Collegiate Presswire.

Each student-led university wiki will come equipped with an editing tool available exclusively to students of that university so as to prevent outside interference with the students’ collaborative efforts. Various universities from the United States, Brazil, France, Germany and other regions have made a home for themselves at Student Wikia.


Army rejects stage sit-in at recruiting station near U. Wisconsin

Kyle Dropp // The Daily Cardinal (U. Wisconsin)

(U-WIRE) MADISON, Wis. – Dozens of activists held a sit-in Tuesday at a Madison army recruiting station to protest the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, which bars any openly gay soldiers and recruits from the U.S. Army.

After warnings from Madison, Wis., police on the scene, five protesters went through with the sit-in and received $400 citations each for “unlawful trespassing after notification,” said organizer and University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore Derek House.

House and fellow UW-Madison students John Alaniz and Jacob Reitan organized the sit-in at the east side U.S. Army Recruiting Station, 1781 Thierer Rd., because they were denied enlistment on Aug. 30 after telling recruiters they were gay.

House said the three scored highly on military aptitude tests and wanted to join the armed forces for most of their lives. But, he added, they were not prepared to abandon their identities.

Recruiters denied enlistment to the three men because of clear policies from the Department of the Army and the Department of Defense regarding “don’t ask, don’t tell,” according to Army Public Affairs Officer Sara Micka.

Despite Tuesday’s protest, House said he still wants to serve in the armed forces.

“Our desire for service has not gone away,” House said. “And we still have that desire to serve our country.”


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