Police Beat

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the United States. It is estimated that 900,000 Americans become victims of ID theft each year, and this number is growing. The FTC recommends following the 3D approach: Deter, Detect, & Defend. Deter identity thieves by safeguarding your personal information. Shred personal documents you no longer need, don’t carry your social security card with you, don’t give personal information over the phone, and never click on links sent in unsolicited emails. Detect suspicious activity by routinely monitoring your financial accounts and billing statements. Defend against ID theft as soon as you suspect a problem. Contact the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Public Safety for information on how to proceed. Further information on identity theft and crime prevention is available at www.miami.edu/publicsafety, or through the Crime Prevention Office at (305) 284-1105.