Shuttle service needs help

The new shuttles are a joy to watch. They’re flashy, colorful, reflective of our school spirit, bleeding orange and green. It’s a shame they’re not a joy to ride, however. For as much money the university has invested in the brand new shuttles and brand new flashy paintjobs, they have failed to invest in the most fundamental aspect of running a service like this – punctuality.
The Department of Parking and Transportation claims the shuttles run anywhere from five to ten minutes, depending on the route and time of day. However, many an angry student has waited much longer, very often 20 minutes or more. Sometimes, students have to wait just as long after boarding the shuttle for it to actually take off. Obviously, this can be very stressful when one needs to get to class or anywhere else our busy schedules take us on a daily basis.
Students don’t take the shuttle because they’re lazy. Students take the shuttle to shave a few minutes off their already hectic schedules, or in the case of displaced Village residents, out of sheer necessity. Students take the shuttle because, well, the weather in South Florida is just not the most conducive for walking across campus every day.
For most UM students, the shuttle is simply the most viable option for getting around campus, which is why it is most important that they run effectively and on time.