The Last Kiss-Garden State’s older brother?

After the success of Garden State, it’s tempting to typecast Zach Braff as the go-to guy for acting out a quarter-life crisis on film. For those familiar with his charming portrayal of a confused twenty-something exploring “the infinite abyss,” his next coming of age comedy-drama, The Last Kiss, might give off the impression that he is treading the same territory.

But according to Braff, that’s where the similarities end.

“Maybe at this point in my life, I’m attracted to these characters,” the Scrubs star said in a phone interview. “I think people will always be looking for the comparison, but. [The Last Kiss] is a darker movie [that] goes to a pretty dark place in terms of talking really openly about relationships and commitment and lust and all those things that get us in trouble in life.”

Based on the Italian film L’Ultimo Bacio, the movie, directed by actor Tony Goldwyn, follows four friends whose lives are about to change as they turn 30. Michael (Braff) is coming to terms with the societal pressures of getting married to his pregnant fianc