Miami’s offensive woes against FSU should not be repeated against another team from Tallahassee. Look for a lot more yards on the ground for the ‘Canes after a horrible rushing night on Monday. The running game should get an even bigger boost now that Tyrone Moss is back.

Advantage: MIAMI


After getting so close to scoring against the Noles, the secondary has shown the ability in a category Miami has dominated in since 1999, non-offensive touchdowns.

After giving up 262 rushing yards against Delaware State, Tyrone Moss’ return is NOT good news for FAMU.

Advantage: MIAMI

Offensive Line:

It doesn’t really matter how badly one unit or another performed against Florida State in this breakdown. There is a huge difference between going up against the returning ACC champions and a team that is 0-1 in the Mid Eastern Atlantic Conference. Some of the false start issues on the line should be fixed with the big game pressure off their shoulders.

FAMU’s two senior linemen Fletcher Williams and Garth McIntosh will need to play leadership roles against an overpowering defensive line.

Advantage: MIAMI


With a little less pressure, Kyle Wright can use more of Rich Olson’s new offense to take some deep throws to his receivers and break this game wide-open early. With better protection, the deep ball could have led to Miami being 1-0, not 0-1.

FAMU’s Ben Dougherty will have his hands full with a hell-bent Miami defense after throwing 18-30 for 114 yards against Delaware State.

Advantage: MIAMI

Running back:

Tyrone Moss is starting, enough said.

Freshman back Anthony Edwards leads the Rattlers in rushing. At 5’11 and 212 pounds, he’ll probably start against Miami.

Advantage: MIAMI

Receivers/ Tight Ends:

No Ryan Moore yet, but Darnell Jenkins and Lance Leggett made some spectacular catches. Both lead the team with four receptions each. Olsen had a great one-handed grab but a quiet night with only two catches.

Roosevelt Kiser had 10 grabs for FAMU in their first game of the season. None of them were for more than nine yards. A weapon on third down, he’ll get the call in those shotgun formations.

Advantage: MIAMI

Defensive Line:

FAMU brings a very experienced line with three seniors and a junior but are undersized on the left side with Terrell Showers standing 6’2 and Altariq Brown at 6’1.

Miami will bring pressure all night with their rotation of lineman. Kareem Brown should be who to watch on the front four in this game due to the Rattlers’ small guards.

Advantage: MIAMI


With a group as talented and as this hard hitting duo of Jon Beason and Tavares Gooden, Romeo Davis, Glenn Cook, or Darryl Sharpton could start at the middle linebacker spot and perform well for the ‘Canes. Cook’s knowledge of the defense should be key in detecting some of the odd formations A&M may use.

Advantage: MIAMI


Even with some small mistakes by the corners in Monday’s game, Randy Phillips and Glenn Sharpe held their own against a good group of FSU receivers. This will be an exciting group to watch. The nickel package is interesting with Brandon Meriweather moving to Corner and Lovon Ponder moving into the vacant safety spot.

Height will again be a damper on A&M’s secondary. Sammy Doughty, the 6’3 free safety, is the tallest player on the team.

Advantage: MIAMI

Special Teams:

Miami’s field goal unit looked ages better than it did last time they faced the Seminoles. Brian Monroe had a few concerning short punts, but did show promise with one 68-yard punt. A healthy Terrell Walden will hopefully get chances to return kicks for Miami.

Wesley Taylor starts ahead of another freshman place kicker for the Rattlers. Their experience lies with their senior punter Damon Miller.

Advantage: MIAMI

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