Rochester dean appointed vice provost

William Scott Green, current dean of the College at the University of Rochester in New York, will move to the University of Miami in July after accepting the positions of senior vice provost and dean of undergraduate education.

The dean of undergraduate education is a new position created to enhance the quality of undergraduate life and implementing co-curriculum initiatives.

“Bill has a deep and comprehensive record in undergraduate education,” Thomas J. LeBlanc, executive vice president and provost, said. “He has done it all, teaching, research, fieldwork, administration, advising, mentoring, and he has done so brilliantly.

“His experience and energy, and most importantly, his ability to bring various constituencies together, will help realize a shared and comprehensive vision for the future.”

Green said he is enthusiastic about his move to UM and the future of the university with his involvement.

“It’s a very exciting opportunity. This is a university on the move with exciting new possibilities,” he said. “The opportunity came at a good time in my career.”

Green will also be teaching a course on religion during the fall semester.

“I’m looking forward to teaching,” Green said. “I will probably teach a course on entrepreneurship in the spring.”

In a visit to the university earlier in the semester, he met with students and faculty who began to discuss possible areas of improvement.

“There are whole set of issues I need to get in closely,” Green said. “I had a prelim meeting when I visited Miami and I learned a few things learn from people about where I can be most helpful.”

Green will also be working with Pat Whitely, vice president for student affairs, primarily to work on co-curriculum structures.

“[The university] is setting high standards for itself,” Green said. “It’s the best possible environment to come into.”

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