Dear V

    Dear V,

    I am originally from the Midwest, and coming to Miami I have encountered many different types of people. It’s great and all, but none of those types seem to be the ones I would like to date. I have gone on a few dates since I have been here, but none of the guys are my “type.” I occasionally see the guys that are my type but they are always either with a girl or I don’t get the chance to meet them. I still have two more years here and I would really like to date somebody. How can I make sure I meet those guys that are my type, or how can I learn to be happy alone?

    Looking for a dude

    Dear Reader,

    I remember coming to college thinking that Prince Charming was lurking around, perhaps doing keg stands at someone’s party, out spending hours volunteering, or maybe he was the quiet kind, slaving away on lab reports and papers in the library. So, you ask, did I meet Prince Charming? Nope, but I did meet Prince Shady and Prince String-You-Along-For-A-Few-Months. My friends and I also managed to meet Prince Avoid-You-In-Public and Princes Argumentative and Condescending. Did I learn from these erroneous encounters? Sure, enough to not date his friends.

    Assuming from your letter that you are a sophomore, I am of the belief that one’s maturity level rises dramatically between one’s second and third, and third and fourth years. From my experiences, very few underclassman (read: froshie and sophomore) relationships that seemed like they were on the road to lifetime actually endured beyond junior year, and yet two of my girlfriends and one of my male friends actually met and started seriously dating their fianc