Dean of students to retire

After 43 years as a dedicated and committed member of the Hurricane family, Dean William W. Sandler Jr. will retire in July.

Sandler first came to UM in 1962 after accepting the role of assistant dean of men. He later held positions such as dean of student personnel and associate dean of students before becoming the dean of students in 1989.

During his time at the university, Sandler has been a leader, working to institute new programs for the betterment of the university community. He is responsible for establishing the student Honor Council in 1986 and co-founding the Center for Alcohol and Drug Education.

“Bill has always cared so deeply about UM, and I think anyone who has worked with him knows the discipline he implements,” said Pat Whitely, vice president for student affairs.

Bob DuBord, associate director of residence halls and financial adviser for The Hurricane, also said Sandler’s continued commitment to the university through his actions.

“He is a person who cares about the university and its students and staff,” DuBord said. “He is constantly striving to make it a better place for students to receive an excellent education.”

However, Sandler contributed to the university in more than just academic efforts.

During his time, Sandler also encouraged the growth of Greek life on the university campus. The Panhellenic Council received much of its leadership and support from Sandler, who once won the Panhellenic Council Administrator of the Year Award.

Sandler also participated in activities as simple as lighting tours, which involve walking around campus recording which light fixtures need bulb replacements.

Speaker of the Senate John Constantinide, who has accompanied Sandler on these tours, said Sandler never seemed to mind going out at 7 p.m. to take care of a broken light.

“He’s even involved in those small parts of university life that students wouldn’t even think existed,” Constantinide said.

Sandler’s absolute, steadfast calmness has helped the university in times of crisis. One of his responsibilities is handling emergencies regarding students, and in such situations, community members said Sandler went above and beyond his duties.

In 1992, two students were killed and others injured in a car accident while on spring break in Canc