Opt for healthy juice instead of coffee

After double fisting Starbucks and a week of all nighters, the body is bound to fail. Instead of running to the nearest drug store and stocking up on NyQuil and Advil, stop by the on-campus convenience store to see the healthy immune system boosters they are now carrying.

Whether you’re craving a protein enhancer, an antioxidant drink or just need something with a little less Taurine, the convenience store now carries Naked juices and smoothies which offer all the health benefits of natural juices with no artificial preservatives.

The Naked products are made with 100 percent pure juice and manage to pack almost a pound of fruit into each 15.2-oz. bottle.

If you are under the weather, the Power-C is an immune system super boost and blends nine different types of juices and packed with vitamin-C.

The super food juice products, such as the Green Machine, mixes apple and pineapple juice enhanced with blue green algae, spinach, broccoli and spirulina, which is an edible algae rich in protein and vitamins A, D, K and B12.

But, if you’re not quite ready to kick the caffeine yet, the Green Machine, Chocolate Karma and Vanilla Chai all contain traces of naturally occurring caffeine. As a bonus, Naked products are also certified kosher and have selections for vegans and lactose intolerants.

On the same shelves, customers can find the line of Odwalla juices ranging from “essences” of refreshing, soothing, nourishing, energizing and sustaining. Odwalla also offers super food juices, protein shakes and antioxidant juices in flavors such as Blueberry B Monster, Vanilla Al’mondo and PomaGrand.

The Wellness fruit juice mixes orange, cranberry and lime juice with mango and banana and passion fruit puree and tops it all off with extra vitamin-C and Echinacea to nurture the immune system. Odwalla juices can also be found in most Publix locations across Miami.

Finals are right around the corner so give the body a break and reach for something nourishing and fulfilling during these periods of increased stress.

Bari Lieberman can be contacted at b.lieberman.edu.