CD REVIEW – Buckcherry is back from hiatus

The most raucous, raunchy, and rockin’ band is back after a four-year hiatus. Buckcherry, the group that best embodies the past, present, and future of rock and roll, slaps you like crazy with their new release, 15.

With hard-hitting songs like the single “Crazy Bitch” lighting up rock radio, the boys are taking their volatile sound and breakneck stage show to the streets. 15 is an intense record that goes beyond raising the bar past other rock acts. It rips the bar down and bludgeons everything else out there. When Josh Todd lets rip, cursing and crooning with the premier voice in rock, you feel the high-octane music move through your veins. Keith Nelson’s guitar work adds the ballsy edge Buckcherry flaunts like no other. “So Far” and “Broken Glass” are reckless rockers that define the band’s sound.

When the gears shift to spotlight power ballads like the emotionally charged “Sorry,” we are reminded how dynamic and talented these artists are. All 11 songs on this record are hits. 15 is derived from the number of days it took to record the album.

Keith Nelson notes “Writing and rehearsing took five months, and we made the record ourselves. We funded our studio time, went in there, rolled up our sleeves, and took care of business.” That they did, as the album speaks volumes. Rock and roll is alive and thriving in Buckcherry.

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