Miami band Big Bang Radio is set to explode

Up and coming local band Big Bang Radio is building their reputation as a premier act on the South Florida music scene. These guys have the chops, the look, the sound, and the drive to break big in the coming months. With a high-energy stage show and a fresh sound that transcends musical genres, BBR is a force to be reckoned with both live and in the studio.

Hot off a gig at UM, BBR is focusing on a new release which will highlight their growth over the last few months. This band is brand new, but they are tight, ambitious, and set a high standard for themselves. Blasting forth a sound that fuses raw rock power with sexuality laced funk, BBR is diverse and exciting. Singer Del is a charismatic and soulful frontman, while guitarist Alex Zapatier possesses an edgy and decadent aura. Bassist Tom Whetzel and drummer Phil Tremblay keep the band tight and allow for a wealth of atmosphere to emanate from the keyboard of Ron Anthony. Fans go wild for these guys, but Alex is quick to note that is it a “friend club. Without those who appreciate our art, there is no reason to do it.” With that said, the guys have plenty of reasons to play on.

You can catch Big Bang Radio at Sunfest in West Palm on May 6, and at Club Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale on June 16. Visit for more information and to hear some of their latest tracks. BBR is sure to stir a “Mindspace Revolution!”

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