Bob Ross Inc. Has announced in March 2006 that they have filed a letter to Joseph Hatcher’s AGFRAG Entertainment Group with the intent to develop an exclusive worldwide video/computer game based on Bob Ross’ creative, easy, and unique painting techniques and peaceful TV show properties. The Bob Ross video game is currently untitled but is planned to be developed for the PC, the Nintendo DS handheld system, as well as Nintendo’s next-generation system due to come out this year (named Revolution). The release date has not yet been announced as AGFRAG is still seeking a publisher.

Body Sleeves for your Pooch

A company called Petsleeves LLC is offering a product called “Petsleeves”: disposable petwear. This unique ensemble reduces the amount of loose pet hair and allergens on furniture as well as protects your dog from fleas. This outfit may not be particularly stylish but you don’t ever have to wash it, you just throw it away and it serves the purpose of preventing your dog from biting a surgical wound so that your dog wouldn’t have to wear a not-so-attractive “lamp shade”. They come in eight different sizes and prices are reasonable from $14.95 to $18.95.

Compiled by Martamaria Gomez