Is purple soy sauce far behind?

Move over, seaweed, because there’s a totally new wrap in town. The California-based Frieda’s Inc. is now offering “Colored Sushi Wraps”. These edible sushi wraps contain egg whites and soy protein, among with other stuff. You no longer have to worry about eating your California rolls in blackish-greenish wraps-now you can enjoy your favorite makis in pretty soft-pastels like orange, yellow, green, and pink. Forget Easter eggs, the in thing now is Easter sushi!

Who knew Paris Hilton could sing?

We’ve all doubted Paris Hilton numerous times before, so it’s no surprise we’re all waiting for her record release to flop. However, as the preliminary buzz by reviewers may indicate, her new CD might actually turn out to be a half-decent dance record.”It’s fun music, it’s danceable, with elements of Blondie, a little reggae and great beats,” [songwriter Kara] DioGuardi says. “She has a very sweet voice, very breathy. It sounds exactly like what you would want Paris to be doing.” […] Does this mean that the nation will have to suck it up and deal with the guilty pleasures experienced as they surrender to that most vile of things, the Paris Hilton side project?

Compiled by Martamaria Gomez