The Best and Worst of UM

A dreaded list for anything under scrutiny. Leaving no stone unturned, this list highlights the highs and lows of our fine institution, from bathrooms to classrooms to faculty, students, and staff. Agree or disagree, this is the list. Have something to say about it? Tell your friends.

Worst timing

President Shalala’s luxurious, UM-funded home was featured in the New York Times Magazine as the UNICCO workers’ strike began on campus-a publicist’s very worst nightmare.

Best dining hall meal

Grilled cheese sandwiches

Worst dining hall meal

Scrambled eggs Sometimes, they look green.

Most intriguing suggestion

A Boston Globe article said Shalala would be an ideal replacement for Harvard President (and former Clinton Cabinet member) Lawrence Summers, who resigned this semester. The Hurricane still hasn’t gotten comment from Shalala on the subject.

Best student organizations at disappearing off the face of the planet

Council for Democracy, College Republicans and Young Democrats. They seem to have forgotten that 2006 is also an election year.

Student organization you can’t get away from: FEC

They deserve every SOAR award out there simply on sheer spirit, presence and numbers.

Worst named student org

It’s a tie between the UM Grilling Society and SPANC (both of which, coincidentally, have been virtually non-existent on campus after their formation).

Worst personnel move by UNICCO/ Chartwells

Moving Hazel (the happy sandwich lady, who has her own facebook fan club) from the Hecht/Stanford dining hall to the Wellness Center.

Best event to smoke legal (and illegal) substances and be ignored by campus security

The Homecoming Roots concert. Surely the fumes did not help those students that had to take the LSAT the next day.