Where eye contact can go wrong…horribly wrong

there are a number of things that people like to complain and gripe about on this campus. Some don’t like the UNICCO situation, others complain about their RAs or professors. Well, I found a problem that relates to all areas of student life. I am sick and tired of awkward moments. I don’t just mean seeing someone that you met freshman year and not knowing whether or not you’re on that level where you can say “hey” to them. I mean the socially inept individuals, and they know who they are, who just have no way of functioning like a normal human being.

OK, some awkward moments are just unavoidable; for the individuals who have to deal with the morning after a night of too much drinking, accidentally texting someone the wrong message, or talking about someone when they are walking right behind you (all of which have happened to people I know). But no, I’m talking about those on this campus that seem to have come from another planet.or the Everglades. To these people, who exist in many different forms, I just want to say: Do you really think it’s a good idea to just be staring at people you don’t know? Do you honestly like to thrive off the feeling of knowing you are creeping someone out? Why do you like awkward moments? It’s just not normal. There is no reason that anyone should cringe at the though of riding in an elevator, but hey, if you’re going to get on with one of these “special” people, we seem to find ourselves staring at those numbers wondering why all of a sudden they are moving in slow motion.

These individuals need some help, along with a pair of sunglasses. At least for some, it will help hide the obvious fact that they don’t know how to function properly. There are the few that are beyond help at all, but I think our campus would really be a better place if these people knew how to act. Especially if you see someone consistently who lives, say across the hall from you, there’s no reason to pretend you don’t know them, because it’s obvious that you know who they are! Here’s a quick run-down: if you see someone that you think you recognize, say “hey” instead of just power-walking past. The worst that can happen is that they won’t know who you are and will just think that you are really friendly. If you do not know a person, it is under no circumstances OK to just continue to stare at them all the time, making them not only feel awkward, but want to kill themselves. No one should live in fear of having one of these awkward encounters, and we should really put an end to them. If everyone could just follow these few basic rules, our campus would be a better place for all.

Adela Ghadimi is a sophomore majoring in political science and international studies. She can be contacted at a.ghadimi@umiami.edu.