Please,Please poised for greatness

Please, Please is taking the University of Miami campus and the local music scene by storm. Playing together since the summer of 2005, the band has already amassed a large following. Started by the band’s two guitarists, Jabe Blot and Vic Garcia, who began writing music together, and soon found bassist Molly Hagen and drummer Joe Perone, the four members are a great mix.

Named in reference to the Beatles’ song, “Please, Please Me,” Please, Please has developed a respectable repertoire of songs over the past six months. Their music can be described as dance rock for the new generation.

Please, Please has an engaging sound, grounded by memorable lyrics, with the potential for mass appeal. The band members are trying to spread the word about the group and about the music that they are making. Quite successful already, Please, Please plays shows in the Grove and the surrounding campus area. As a testament to their talent, they have even been featured on WVUM multiple times and students can call to request their song, “Do You Want to Dance.”

The end of the semester will be a busy time for the band, with many shows scheduled and plans to record some new songs. Working torwards releasing an EP in the coming months they have recorded six or seven songs. For the future, Please, Please has big plans to travel abroad this summer and entertain new crowds with their tunes at a festival on the west coast of France.

Hardworking and dedicated, the band feels their success will come as result of their chemistry and shared goal and passion for making making good music. According to guitarits Vic Garcia, he believes that Please, Please is the first band he has been a part of that can really go somewhere and that a label would want to sign.

With the sound, skill, and look to make it big and with a little exposure, Please, Please is poised to take center stage. Expect to hear more about this band. Their next on-campus appearance will be April 20 at the Rat. For more information, go to, or

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