Though I am a founding member of STAND I would like to stray from our living wage advocacy to comment on your handling of our rather controversial campaign. STAND was formed with a vision of participatory and active democracy within our campus. We saw our university not as a mere career preparation center, but an institution that promotes an interest in the world around us.

We envisioned a UM with a political and cultural atmosphere rich with discourse and debate that is essential for any functioning democracy. With this said, I thank you for your even-handed coverage of the living wage issue. You appropriately presented all sides to the issue and in detail. Your role as the mediator of the primary publication on campus is a crucial one and you’ve handled this responsibility with admirable competence and integrity. I have seen our student body awaken with healthy political awareness and we owe this largely to the Hurricane. Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

Patrick J. Walsh

Students Toward A New Democracy